Verizon - Not So Subtle Hints

Who really wants another pair of socks for Christmas? That was the thinking behind Not So Subtle Hints - a dynamic video platform that helps people make a convincing case for a gift they really want for the holidays.

And because the power of persuasion works differently from person to person, users had the option to pick between two storylines - one from an adorable little girl, and another from a sassy grandma. To make it personalized, users could upload a photo directly into the spot. The videos would then randomize shots from a pool of scenes, delivering one of virtually thousands of different outputs.

And if granny wasn't convincing enough, who could say no to this adorable little girl?

If you're curious to see how these videos play out with different gifts, click here.

Agency: R/GA NY
Creative Directors: Chris Knight & Corel Theuma
ACD: Jon Klein
Art Director: Stu Carnes